Milton H. Erickson, M.D.

Milton Erickson, MD, the world-famous hypnotist, demystified hypnosis when he said that it is a natural experience people have all the time. We shift our states of consciousness from moment to moment. I learned this in 1979 when I studied with him and it totally revolutionized the effectiveness of my work as a therapist. Hypnosis can bring profound change and permanent learning.

My work draws on your own creative and healing potential that you can learn about through hypnosis.  In over forty years I have seen that the key to deep change within people is the discovery of the powerful resources those people didn’t know they had.  They then can use these resources to confront the unseen, unconscious programming that lies at the root of our relationship and life problems.  Making the invisible visible in peoples’ experience clarifies unrecognized patterns so they can understand the regressive shifts that make them unhappy.  Because they see and feel these patterns, they learn to shift out of them and thus make lasting changes.  As Moshe Feldenkrais, who was a master of hypnotic work with the body, said, “If you know what you are doing, you can do what you want.”  Milton Erickson, MD, said, “The easiest things to see are often overlooked.”

Quotes from the Doctor

Erickson also said, “Adults are only little children grown taller.”  We all have parts of ourselves that we don’t always like.  I think that therapy is about learning compassion for our most dismissed wounds and scars.  These truths inform my work and I am committed to them. Honoring how we managed to survive our own life’s struggles can open us to become more welcoming to others and to life itself.

In 1979, a select group of students including myself had the opportunity to work with Dr. Erickson in Arizona. I videotaped these sessions and I am now releasing, after all these years, a 3-volume, 36-hour set capturing the intimate and powerful artistry that we all experienced and never forgot. Volume 1 is now available for professionals and a transcript of the dialogue is also available.

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