Psychotherapy with Groups

“Be your own natural self.” – Milton H. Erickson, MD

When I work with groups the most important thing is to track what is happening consciously and unconsciously in the group by pacing and leading the group energy as it (just like individuals) shifts from one consciousness state to another. I have to establish a context of safety by creating clear boundaries and an atmosphere of acceptance, respect, good humor and authenticity.

It is important that each group member feels safe enough to take some risks in speaking fully and perhaps feeling vulnerable. It is equally important that each group member feels supported and really “heard” so that the group energy is a context for individual personal growth.

You are welcome to call me at 212-873-4557 for an initial confidential phone conversation. We can talk about what you would like to achieve in therapy and I can tell you how I work. There is no charge and no obligation on your part. All ethnic and sexual identities are welcome.