About “Loving in the Here and Now”

Here are what some of my colleagues have to say about the book:

“Although imprints from the past may become the problems of the present, they need not be the programs of the future.  Want to know the specifics? Then follow the step-by-step path in this masterly book by an internationally respected therapist. Discover how to disarm old triggers, mend your relationships, and realize your hearts desire.”
– Jeffrey K. Zeig, PhD, Director, The Milton H. Erickson Foundation

“If you and your partner have drifted apart, here is a guidebook for bridging the distance that has grown between you.”
– Lawrence LaShane, PhD, Author,Beyond Technique: Psychotherapy for the 21st Century

Loving in the Here and Now is a rich, comprehensive, and above all, optimistic book. Jane Parsons-Fein demystifies hypnosis. Her clear, explicit instructions, almost like a therapist’s physical presence, gently enhance your ability for self-hypnosis and offer a path toward increased self-knowledge and emotional relationship management. Highly recommended.”
– Kitty LaPerriere, PhD, Family and Couples Therapist, and Cofounder, American Family Therapist Academy

In Loving in the Here and Now, Jane Parsons-Fein shares her uncommon wisdom in teaching couples how to grow in love by becoming aware of their true selves. A must read for couples seeking the full joy of living together with their partners.”
– Peter B. Bloom, MD, Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine

“Easy-to-follow exercises and engaging examples guide readers to higher levels of understanding and valuable insights. An eminently readable text by a highly respected and revered psychotherapist.”
– Graham Barnes, PhD, CGP, FRSA, Author and Independent Scholar, Inform Lab, Stockholm

The genius of Jane Parsons-Fein said it simply: ‘Understanding your own inner mind’s resources for healing can free you to have the relationships you want.’ With her years of hard work and dedication to her clients, Parsons-Fein now tells how. If you want to know how to rekindle and develop the relationship you want, this book is a must.”
– Richard Landis, PhD, Training Director, Southern California Society for Ericksonian Psychotherapy and Hypnosis